When was the last time you had a sandwich? A seriously good sandwich where the bread was soft and didn’t fall apart? The kind of sandwich that can only be made with fresh bread? If you’re on a low FODMAP diet, I’m guessing that it’s probably been a while.

The good news is, there’s a new low FODMAP bread in town… the Bakers Delight Wholegrain Lo-Fo Loaf. It’s made fresh at all Bakers Delight bakeries across Australia, so it’s easy to find. This loaf doesn’t fall apart or crumble like gluten-free bread, it’s softer than sourdough, and it tastes like regular bread. It’s also certified as FODMAP Friendly, so you can eat it with confidence. But, best of all… this loaf makes a mean sandwich!

Low FODMAP Egg & Lettuce Sandwich with Baker’s Delight Wholegrain Lo-Fo Loaf | A Less Irritable Life


But how can a wheat bread be low FODMAP?

These are the ingredients of the Bakers Delight Wholegrain Lo-Fo Loaf: Wheat Starch, Water, Grains (9%) (Oat Bran, Kibbled Sorghum), Wheat Gluten, Wheat Protein Isolate, Seeds (4.5%) (Sesame Seeds, Linseed, Poppy Seed), Vegetable Oil (Canola), Wheat Flour, Yeast, Sugar, Iodised Salt, Dextrose, Durum Semolina, Vegetable Gum (464), Malt Flour, Soy Flour, Psyllium Powder, Vitamins (Thiamin, Folic Acid).

Now, looking at the ingredients, there’s lots of wheat in there. But what’s really clever is that they’ve used very little whole wheat and instead used isolated components from the wheat. So you’ll see wheat starch, wheat gluten and wheat protein isolate, but these parts of wheat are low FODMAP. Yet they’ve left out the other parts of wheat that contain the FODMAPs, keeping this wheat bread low FODMAP.

As someone who once loved baking bread, I’m fascinated by this cleverness and wish I could duplicate it at home. But for now, I’m just grateful for the fact that I can walk down the street and pick up a fresh loaf whenever I want.


This Bakers Delight Lo-Fo bread also packs a nutrition punch

First, let’s get the serving size sorted

A standard serving of the Lo-Fo Loaf is 2 ‘toast’ slices or 78g. Of course you can get it cut as the thinner ‘sandwich’ option, but I prefer ‘toast’ even for sandwiches. However, for best results it’s recommended that you eat no more than 4 slices at any one time, with 4 hours in between each serve. This is based on the results found by the FODMAP Friendly Food program when the Lo-Fo Loaf was certified as a low FODMAP product.


Now, let’s look at the nutrition

The most impressive part of this bread, aside from being low FODMAP, is the protein content. There’s 11.3g of protein in 2 toast slices. This means that you can enjoy it with foods that aren’t overly high in protein and still have a protein-rich meal. So you can eat it with a small amount of meat, poultry, fish, eggs or cheese, or stick with only plant-based foods.

Another boost on the nutrition front is that this is a ‘wholegrain’ loaf. It’s got oat bran and kibbled sorghum, plus sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and linseed, which together make up 13.5% of the loaf. These grains and seeds help to provide fibre and protein, without adding FODMAPs.

Click here for detailed nutrition info.

Low FODMAP Egg & Lettuce Sandwich with Baker’s Delight Wholegrain Lo-Fo Loaf | A Less Irritable Life


A note about gluten and FODMAPs

The Lo-Fo Loaf is made with wheat, so it isn’t gluten-free. This means that it’s not suitable for people who have coeliac disease. However, a low FODMAP diet is not meant to be a gluten-free diet. So unless you’re also sensitive to gluten, this loaf is suitable for a low FODMAP diet.

In case you’re confused by the gluten vs FODMAPs issue… the reason why wheat products are normally high FODMAP is because of the fructans within wheat, not the gluten. That’s because FODMAPs are carbohydrates, while gluten is a protein and so not a FODMAP. Since the Lo-Fo Loaf uses wheat with the FODMAPs removed, it’s low FODMAP even though it’s not gluten-free.


But does the Bakers Delight Lo-Fo Loaf taste any good?

Fair question. You’ve probably tried other low FODMAP breads and been sorely disappointed. So let’s cut to the chase… I love the taste of this bread.

  • Flavour: To me, it tastes like regular wholegrain bread. There’s no bitterness or strange flavours (like you often get with gluten-free breads). It’s just like normal bread.
  • Texture: The bread is as soft as you’d expect from any regular fresh bread. But it’s also robust enough to hold a sandwich without getting all squished. I also like that you can fold it, which is super handy when you’re eating a quick one-slice sandwich on the run.

I’m a firm believer that life’s too short to eat food that doesn’t taste good and I won’t eat a food simply because it’s low FODMAP. It has to taste good to make it back onto my plate. So the best endorsement that I can give this bread is that I actually want to eat it again and again.

Low FODMAP Egg & Lettuce Sandwich with Baker’s Delight Wholegrain Lo-Fo Loaf | A Less Irritable Life


Now let’s talk quickly about the recipe

As far as recipes goes, this is a pretty simple one, so there’s not too much to say. It’s a sandwich. But since the best thing about this bread is how good it is for sandwiches, what other kind of recipe would I give you?

I’ve always loved egg and lettuce sandwiches, so this was the first sandwich I made with the Wholegrain Lo-Fo Loaf. Well, aside from a vegemite sandwich of course – after all, I am a born and bred Aussie.

But, this is a fancier version of the traditional ‘egg and lettuce’. The egg is still mixed with mayo, and there’s lettuce, but I’ve also added cucumber and fresh dill. Why this combo? I often add dill to scrambled eggs, so I figured why not put it on an egg sandwich. And since cucumber goes well with dill, why not add that too. With these ingredients combined, you end up with a refreshing combo that’s quite delightful. So how about giving this Egg and Lettuce Sandwich with Cucumber and Dill a go today. As soon as you go and pick up your bread.


Low FODMAP Egg & Lettuce Sandwich with Baker’s Delight Wholegrain Lo-Fo Loaf | A Less Irritable Life

Low FODMAP Egg & Lettuce Sandwich with Cucumber & Dill

  • Author: Glenda Bishop
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 5 minutes (if you need to boil the egg)
  • Total Time: 10 minutes
  • Yield: 1 serve
  • Category: Light Meals


Have you been missing sandwiches? Then get your teeth into this Low FODMAP Egg and Lettuce Sandwich, made on the beautiful Bakers Delight Lo-Fo Loaf.


  • 2 ‘toast’ slices of Bakers Delight Wholegrain Lo-Fo Loaf
  • 1 large egg, hard boiled and shell removed
  • 1 tbsp (40ml) mayonnaise (see notes)
  • 2-3 tsp fresh dill leaves
  • 12 thin slices of Lebanese cucumber
  • 2-3 cos lettuce leaves, shredded


  1. In a small bowl, mash the boiled egg with a fork and then mix in the mayonnaise.
  2. Lay one slice of bread on a cutting board. Spread the egg mixture on the bread and top with the dill leaves. Layer the cucumber slices over the egg mixture and then top with the lettuce. Lastly, put the second slice of bread on top to complete your sandwich. If desired, cut in half before serving.

Ingredient Notes

  • This recipe is low FODMAP and doesn’t contain any dairy or nuts. However, if you have an allergy, please check the labels on any purchased ingredients to ensure they’re safe for your requirements.
  • When choosing a mayonnaise, check the label to ensure that it doesn’t contain garlic.

Low FODMAP Portion

  • Serving Size: 1 sandwich

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Bakers Delight. The recipe and post were created by Dr Glenda Bishop and all words and opinions are her own.


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