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Tomato and Green Bean Salad {low FODMAP}

This is a recipe that I make quite a lot. That’s because it’s unusual for me to not have tomatoes and green beans in the house. And because this combo is so easy to make and tastes really good. Plus, it’s an excellent way to add colour, freshness and nutrition, to any...

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Roasted Pumpkin and Walnut Dip {low FODMAP}

When you’re having a party, dips are a must. Whether it’s a finger food type of party, a dinner party, or a more casual BBQ, there’s always a place for dips. But on a low FODMAP diet, you can’t just go to the store and pick one up, because odds are there will be...

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22 Tips for a pain-free Christmas, even if you have IBS

Christmas is a wonderfully special time of year because you get to catch up with family and friends. Where you’ll reminisce on the year that’s gone, enjoy (a little too much) delicious food, and take a break from work, school and the other pressures of life.  ...

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Christmas Chocolate Bark {low FODMAP}

Chocolate and Christmas all in one go… heaven! If you haven’t realised by now that chocolate is one of my favourite things, then you’re either new around here or you haven’t been paying attention. But because chocolate makes me so warm and fuzzy, I’ll forgive you for...

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IBS Stories you may have missed {November 2017}

This month, things have been a little slower around here at A Less Irritable Life, which I’m noticing seems to happen every few months. I’m wondering if it means that I can only handle working at normal pace for so long before my body says it needs a...

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Low FODMAP Fruit Mince

Dried fruit is so essential for Christmas baking, yet not so friendly on the tummy because drying fruit increases the FODMAPs. So the idea of a fruit mince that’s low FODMAP seems almost ludicrous. But it’s a good thing for you that I love love love fruit mince and...

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How I get my calcium on a dairy-free low FODMAP diet

I’ve written previously about how to get enough calcium on low FODMAP diet. But I’m often asked about how to get enough calcium on a low FODMAP diet if you also don’t eat dairy. While a low FODMAP diet doesn’t need to be dairy-free, there are several reasons why you...

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Millet & Quinoa with Parsley {low FODMAP}

One of the grain-based dishes that I miss most because of a low FODMAP diet is couscous. I loved adding to salads, eating it with casseroles, or using it as a fast carbohydrate for other meals. But couscous is made from wheat, so that makes it high FODMAP. Two low...

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Low FODMAP Beef Stroganoff {gluten-free, dairy-free}

One of the first meals I learned to cook after leaving home was beef stroganoff. While it wasn’t a meal that I ate too often, it was one of those meals that always felt special. A meal with a sauce that was both intense and creamy, had loads of mushrooms (I love...

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IBS Stories you may have missed {October 2017}

October has been a hugely busy month and I’ve got loads of IBS Stories for you. It doesn’t matter where you’re at on your IBS or FODMAP journey, there’s something for everyone. From dealing with abdominal pain to preparing for a catered event. From how...

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The Smoothest Low FODMAP Hommus

Many people on a low FODMAP diet are surprised to learn that they can still eat hommus. Provided they make it at home with garlic-infused oil to avoid the FODMAPs found in whole garlic. But after the initial excitement of making homemade hommus (hummus, hummous, or...

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