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People with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) want one thing… to live a less irritable life. A life where pain or fear of embarrassment from symptoms doesn’t control their choices. A life where they can enjoy good food and not be restricted by their condition.

Aside from seeking high quality nutrition and medical information, people with IBS are constantly searching for products that will make their life easier. And they want details… which brands, where to buy them, and why these products are suitable for their needs.

What would it mean to your business if you could reach more people with IBS and show them how your brand can meet their needs?

Here are the services I offer to help your brand serve your target audience more effectively

Showcasing of Your Brand on A Less Irritable Life

Review of Your Product on A Less Irritable Life

Recipe Highlighting Your Product on A Less Irritable Life

Giveaway of Your Products on A Less Irritable Life

Content or Campaigns for Use on Your Platform

Advice for your business on the Low FODMAP diet

About A Less Irritable Life

A Less Irritable Life serves as a resource for people with IBS by providing practical and fuss-free strategies for managing IBS and simplifying a low FODMAP diet, including low FODMAP recipes that expand the meal choices of people who follow the diet.

Run by an expert who knows and understands

Dr Glenda Bishop is a Registered Nutritionist, neuroscientist, wellness coach, and educator who specialises in IBS and FODMAPs. Glenda was diagnosed with IBS 25 years ago and understands the day-to-day challenges that IBS creates. She has extensive experience in managing food intolerances and follows the low FODMAP diet to keep her IBS under control. As a highly trained and articulate health professional, Glenda communicates complex information about IBS and FODMAPs in a way that everyone can understand.

My promise

My mission is to help people with IBS to live a less irritable life and I am prepared to support any brand, product, program or tool that genuinely helps them to achieve that.

All content that is shared on the A Less Irritable Life platform will be created to support people with IBS in the first instance and to support brands in the second instance.

I will only promote brands and their products if I am convinced that they meet the needs of people with IBS based on the latest research.

I will only promote food-based products that meet the current guidelines for a low FODMAP diet.

I will only promote products that I have personally tested and believe are worthy of sharing or that have been tested by another nutritional professional or person with IBS whom I have engaged to assist me.

I will never promote products that I consider to be of an inferior standard.

I will always provide an honest and unbiased assessment of products and brands.


“I’ve appreciated working with Glenda – she is very thorough and detail oriented and presented both herself and our company professionally both in social media and on her website. Glenda was very open and honest in her communication, which gave me confidence that her review of our products was done from an honest place and not just from a nice marketing place. I value Glenda’s ability to remain neutral while working for different companies in the same niche.

When Glenda came up with some new and interesting recipes, reinforcing the convenience and flexibility of our products, which are some of our key selling points. There wasn’t even the requirement for us to check the recipes were low FODMAP. We knew Glenda would have done the research and made sure that we’d be presenting low FODMAP recipes for our customers.

I had confidence in Glenda’s ability to market our products appropriately and professionally and I knew that Glenda wouldn’t misrepresent our brand, even though the campaign was done her way, in her own style and with her own words. Having somebody present our brand in a different way means that we can reach a wider target audience than if we’d just been communicating it ourselves because everyone responds to different things. We were very impressed.”


“We chose to work with Glenda because she brings experience in FODMAPs from a nutritionist point of view and she has a deeper knowledge of FODMAPs than many others because she approaches FODMAPs from a more scientific perspective. Her understanding of the needs of low FODMAP consumers also makes Glenda a good fit for FODMAP Friendly brands that need to reach this audience.

Glenda makes working with her easy. She is very professional to work with and very particular about the advice she provides for your company and the consumers that you serve. Glenda is capable and diligent in her work, and documents things well, so you always know where you’re at when you’re working with her.”


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