Keep your IBS under control & make your life easier

Keeping IBS symptoms under control takes a considerable amount of time and effort, two things that you don’t always have to spare. But there are some products that can help to make your life easier so you can keep your IBS under control and still live a happy life.

The products on this page have been tested by a Registered Nutritionist who also suffers from IBS. That means you get an open and honest opinion based on my personal experience with the product, as well as an informed approach to understanding how these products can be used to help manage IBS on a day-to-day basis.

Brief product reviews

FODMAP Finds is a monthly feature designed to help you learn about high quality foods that are genuinely useful for a low FODMAP diet. So that way you can spend less time shopping and more time enjoying good food.

Note: This is not an advertising feature for brands. I’ve tried every product and everything I write is my own opinion.

For more information on selecting low FODMAP products, please read this article: 5 essential tips for low FODMAP label reading.

My promise

My mission is to help people with IBS to live a less irritable life and I am prepared to support any brand, product, program or tool that genuinely helps them to achieve that.

All content that is shared on the A Less Irritable Life platform will be created to support people with IBS in the first instance and to support brands in the second instance.

I will only promote brands and their products if I am convinced that they meet the needs of people with IBS based on the latest research.

I will only promote food-based products that meet the current guidelines for a low FODMAP diet.

I will only promote products that I have personally tested and believe are worthy of sharing or that have been tested by another nutritional professional or person with IBS whom I have engaged to assist me.

I will never promote products that I consider to be of an inferior standard.

I will always provide an honest and unbiased assessment of products and brands.

Do you have a product that you’d like reviewed?

If you have a high quality product that’s suitable for people with IBS and which genuinely helps them to live a less irritable life, let’s talk.
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