It’s almost Christmas and time for holidays, so I’m wrapping up December a little early. Besides, since so much of this month’s articles are focussed on the holidays, it’s better that you get them before Christmas.

So in this collection of IBS Stories, you’ll find articles ranging from dealing with the stress of the holidays, to saying no to food, and working out if alcohol is a safe choice. There’s also recipes for a celebration table, including fruit mince pies, dips, sides and Christmas chocolate. Plus a low FODMAP Christmas menu that’s easy and fuss-free. And, there’s also tips on making the holidays pain-free.

But it’s not all about Christmas and the holidays. There’s some other stuff in there too.

From the benefits of slowing down, to gaining perspective, to apps that you can use for IBS. And there’s a pretty frank discussion about dealing with the body image aspect of IBS when it comes to wearing a swimsuit. Along with some really handy suggestions for choosing swimmers.

So once again, there’s something for everyone. I hope that these IBS Stories will give you the inspiration, information and encouragement that you need to stay on track with your IBS. Happy reading!

IBS Stories you may have missed that were published elsewhere

It’s okay to say no on the holidays

You all know what it’s like when people give you silly comments like “you’re just being fussy” or “one won’t hurt you”. But do you know how to deal with it and say no to the pressure of people who don’t understand? Here’s my take on it…

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How to manage stress during the holiday season

If stress is one of your big worries this holiday season, you may find my 3 stages for managing the stress to be quite helpful. Because it’s not only about what you do *when* the stress is happening, it’s also what you do before and after the stress that makes the difference.

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An alcohol-less holiday season?

Alcohol and IBS don’t always play nicely. But the fact is, I love a good glass of wine, especially at social gatherings with good food… like Christmas. The question though is whether I should skip the alcohol altogether? Here’s my thoughts.

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Consistency will help your IBS during the holidays

The holiday season is likely to take you out of your regular routine. This can be a good thing… seeing people you wouldn’t usually see and enjoying a companionship that’s quite unique to the holiday season. But, being out of your routine may make your IBS unstable. Here’s how to work out what to keep consistent.

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How slowing down has helped my IBS

Many years ago I used to rush from one thing to the next. Yet I never truly appreciated the effect that this busyness had on my IBS, at least not while it was happening. But after getting very ill, I was forced to slow down. And that’s when I realised how much this slower way of living helped my IBS.

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The apps I use to help manage my IBS

As someone who was diagnosed with IBS long before the invention of the smartphone and apps, it intrigues me that there’s now so many apps available to help manage IBS. But just because apps are available, doesn’t mean you need to use them. Here’s the apps that I’ve found the most effective.

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Perspective is a wonderful thing

I hate having IBS, and most likely always will. I hate how it limits my life and that it only gets better if I don’t do (or eat) some of my favourite things. Still, no matter how bad the IBS gets, I often remind myself that it could be worse. Here’s the things that help to bring me perspective.

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IBS Stories you may have missed on A Less Irritable Life

22 tips for a pain-free Christmas, even if you have IBS

Just because you’ve got IBS doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy Christmas. Here’s how to get through the holidays without your tummy exploding.

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Low FODMAP Christmas Menu – Easy and Fuss-Free

Don’t let your belly control the party. This Low FODMAP Christmas Menu is easy to make and fuss-free. Can also be made dairy-free, gluten-free and nut-free.

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Recipe: Christmas Chocolate Bark

All the best flavours of Christmas, without the FODMAPs. This low FODMAP Christmas Chocolate Bark is super easy to make and won’t upset the tummy.

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Recipe: Low FODMAP Fruit Mince Pies with Shortbread Pastry

No more missing out at Christmas. You can now enjoy low FODMAP fruit mince pies, with the most delicious shortbread pastry. Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan.

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Recipe: Roasted Pumpkin and Walnut Dip

Deliciously savoury, yet naturally sweet, this roasted pumpkin and walnut dip is low FODMAP and perfect for entertaining. Also dairy-free and gluten-free.

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Recipe: Tomato and Green Bean Salad

An easy to make side dish filled with flavour, colour, freshness and nutrition. This Tomato and Green Bean Salad is low FODMAP and delicious.

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