Even though January was quieter than normal here at A Less Irritable Life – I really did need a break! – there’s still lots been happening elsewhere. In fact, I’ve had a 10 articles published elsewhere, so there’s loads of helpful stuff to keep you going.

There’s ideas on using routines, decluttering and sleep to help your IBS. Plus I talk about some mental aspects of IBS that we don’t often talk about – the consequences of avoiding pain, and feeling irritated emotionally. There’s also strategies you might like to try, including reflecting on your successes in symptom management and ways to make gatherings with food easier.

So there’s something for everyone. I hope that these IBS Stories will give you the inspiration, information and encouragement that you need to stay on track with your IBS. Happy reading!

IBS Stories you may have missed that were published elsewhere

Pain avoidance is a problem

How far would you go to avoid pain?

When you have IBS and experience pain all the time, you start going out of your way to avoid anything that makes it worse. The same happens after your IBS is under control, because you don’t want the pain to return. But that isn’t always a good thing…

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Finding the light at the end of the tunnel

Do you remember that moment? When it really sank in and you truly knew what it meant for your future, now that you had IBS? My moment of realisation occurred when I understood that I was never going to be able to eat normally again. But what gave me strength was knowing that I’d finally got the answer I’d been seeking for most of my life.

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Reflect on your successes – an unexpectedly powerful strategy

Over the years I’ve learned many strategies for controlling my IBS. Most of them revolve around removing potential triggers. But some of the more effective strategies are mental ones, including this simple one that I want to share with you.

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Don’t underestimate the impact of sleep on IBS

Does lack of sleep affect your IBS? It certainly affects mine. Here’s a story of what happened to me recently and how I dealt with lack of sleep to prevent my IBS from getting out of control.

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How to make gatherings with food easier

Each of us has our own fears around having our IBS symptoms triggered. While these fears vary depending on what specifically triggers our IBS, one of the most common fears relates to food. Here’s some strategies for making gatherings with food easier.

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The irritation of IBS

When we talk about the effects that IBS has on mental state, we usually think about how it makes us anxious or depressed. But there’s a mental state that we don’t usually talk about … irritation. While it may be debatable whether irritation is truly a mental state or simply an emotion, it is a common feeling in IBS. These are the times I experience it the most.

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Decluttering as a tool to help your IBS

Have you ever felt that if you didn’t have to keep track of so many things that it would be easier to manage your IBS? Because let’s face it, managing IBS requires keeping track of a lot of things.

I’ve personally found that decluttering does wonders to clear my head and help me focus on what matters the most. In fact, I’ve been doing tons of it in the last few weeks. Here’s how I’d suggest you start a decluttering session.

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Don’t aim for a perfect bowel motion

One of the goals for managing IBS is to return bowel movements to normal, or as close to normal as possible. So many people expect that any efforts to manage IBS should return them to ‘perfect’ bowel motions. But this misunderstanding can cause disappointment, even when if you experience a large improvement in symptoms.

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Changing your daily routine can affect your IBS

Since so many different things can trigger IBS, one of the best ways to achieve stable management is to develop a consistent daily routine. But you won’t always be able to keep your routine consistent. Things can happen that will change your routine from day to day, sometimes more, sometimes less. Here’s what you need to know about such changes.

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Ask, ask and ask again

There are some medical conditions where the solution is pretty easy to determine. If you break your arm, it will need to be set and splinted so that it can heal. And your first point of call is the hospital for an x-ray. But with IBS, the treatment isn’t so clear cut. And there isn’t one right answer for everyone.

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IBS Stories you may have missed on A Less Irritable Life

10 things I’ve been doing to reset, recharge and help my IBS

What types of things will help you to reset and recharge, without setting off IBS? Here are 10 things that I did on my last break to get me back on track.

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Recipe: Classic Coleslaw

With a creamy and tangy dressing that lightly coats the coleslaw, you’ll love this low FODMAP version of the classic recipe. Also gluten-free + dairy-free.

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IBS Stories you may have missed on social media

Since I stayed away from social media for most of January, there’s not too much that you could have missed. But, there is some big stuff coming up soon that you won’t want to miss. Very soon I’ll begin doing live videos on Facebook so that we can actually have real-time conversations. This will be a mix of me teaching you something to help your IBS, plus a chance for you to ask questions about it.

So make sure that you follow A Less Irritable Life on Facebook so that you don’t miss out.

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