How would your life improve if your IBS was under control?

Can you imagine this…

Getting through an entire day without feeling sick, where your clothes still fit and there’s no pain in your belly, knowing you’ll be able to sleep without being woken up by pains and gas.

Being able to say yes to invitations and events, knowing that you won’t have to cancel at the last minute because your IBS has gone out of control again.

Sitting down to delicious and nourishing food that’s as good as anyone else eats, without fearing that you’re going to suffer from it later.

How much easier would your life be if it was like that?

The Low FODMAP Meal Builder

Soon you’ll be making low FODMAP meals that are exactly the way that you like to eat, keeping your tummy happy while your taste buds smile. Check out the ebook >

Getting Started on a Low FODMAP Diet

Discover if your IBS improves without FODMAPs using this step-by-step process that gives you everything that you need to get started on a low FODMAP diet. Check out the online course >

FODMAP Reintroductions

Discover the FODMAPs that trigger your IBS using this step-by-step process of FODMAP reintroductions, so you can expand your diet without upsetting your tummy. Check out the online course >

Personalised IBS Solutions

The best way to get your IBS under control is with a solution that’s designed for you. Addressing your unique needs and the triggers that set off your symptoms. Work one-to-one with Glenda >


Hi, I’m Glenda Bishop. I’m a Registered Nutritionist, neuroscientist, wellness coach and educator. I’ve also had IBS for 25 years and counting, so I understand the day-to-day challenges that IBS creates and have extensive experience in managing food intolerances and following the low FODMAP diet. But with IBS, a more holistic approach is required… exercise, stress management, mental shifts and other lifestyle adjustments are needed too, which is where my additional expertise comes into play. It’s this all-inclusive approach that allows me to provide my clients with a personalised solution that lets them live a happy life with IBS. read more....


“I feel really at ease with Glenda because she has the knowledge to know why things were happening and what was causing it. I don’t think you can do the low FODMAP diet successfully by yourself. It’s very important to work with a qualified nutritionist who understands it. And working with Glenda has been the key for my getting better.


I didn’t get better overnight, but slowly everything started to settle and each step has made me feel that much better. It’s been really encouraging and enlightening because I didn’t realise I suffered so much until it was gone. Working with Glenda is one of the best choices I’ve ever made. It’s been so helpful and so life changing for me.”


“Glenda provides really practical advice on how to approach not just the low FODMAP diet, but how to live best with your digestive issues. This makes A Less Irritable Life not just a recipe or low FODMAP diet resource, but a “go to” place for your overall wellbeing. From stress management tips to the importance exercise and other helpful techniques to manage and survive situations where you have little or no control – this site is an all rounder.


I think that when people are giving advice on the low FODMAP diet and IBS, it always comes best from a place where it’s personal… you live it, you breath it. So I like that A Less Irritable Life is from Glenda’s own point of view, as well as from her professional standpoint, with her education and training.”


“When people understand that Glenda has not only been there, but she has a way to help because she has so much practical knowledge as well, and she’s done so much research… it’s just comfortable. People can relate to Glenda and feel comfortable with her.


Glenda has a very broad and in-depth knowledge of IBS and the low FODMAP diet because she has researched, studied and got qualifications in these topics. And she has it personally and has gone through what people with IBS go through – probably even more because she’s been going through it for longer – so she can understand and empathise. She’s the perfect person that can help and direct others that are suffering from IBS and on the low FODMAP diet.”


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