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As a nutrition professional, you need to keep up-to-date on the latest information so that you can help your clients as effectively as possible. That means up-levelling your skills, using up-to-date practice resources, and extending your knowledge. But this takes precious time, of which you have very little to spare. So stop trying to figure it out for yourself and save time by getting exactly what you need directly from a specialist.

What do you need to make your nutrition practice more effective?

Bringing the Low FODMAP Diet into Your Nutrition Practice

Continuing Professional Development for nutrition professionals who need to learn how to implement the low FODMAP diet with their clients. Enrol in this online course >

Low FODMAP Diet Practice Resource Kit

All the resources that you’ll need to effortlessly take your clients through every stage of the low FODMAP diet. With handouts, checklists and screening forms. Get the eKit now >

About Dr Glenda Bishop

Dr Glenda Bishop is a Registered Nutritionist, neuroscientist, wellness coach and educator. She is also a fully trained and experienced university educator, having worked as a lecturer at Monash University before starting her nutrition practice. Glenda’s own practice, A Less Irritable Life, specialises in Irritable Bowel Syndrome and FODMAPs. In addition to her professional understanding of IBS, Glenda’s personal understanding of the day-to-day challenges that IBS creates stems from her being diagnosed with IBS 25 years ago. Glenda’s mission is to help people with IBS to live a less irritable life – whether by helping clients who have IBS directly or by training nutrition professionals so that they can help clients with IBS in their own practice.


Having completed Glenda’s course, I would feel quite confident now in developing myself as a FODMAPs practitioner. I learned enough about the physiology, the basics behind it and the actual process of how to practice it. It has also given me a lot more confidence in meal planning for my clients with IBS and making sure that they are meeting their sports nutrition targets in a way that’s safe for them.

Sally Mitchell

Nutritionist, Food to Fit

Thank you Glenda for this amazing course. It was such an interactive and practical course with valuable strategies and tips that can be shared with clients following a low FODMAP diet.

Fransiska Ingrati

Accredited Practising Dietitian

I found Glenda’s Low FODMAP Diet Practice Resource Kit instrumental in setting up my new practice. Setting up a new business is so time consuming with so much material needing to be prepared. What a delight to have everything I needed right at hand after purchasing this kit. My very first client had fodmap issues and I was fully prepared from the very beginning to help this client. Thank you Glenda for giving me a great start to my business.

Carolyn English

Nutritionist, Preventative Nutrition

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