The Low FODMAP Meal Builder

Your food made low FODMAP

Do you need help making your favourite meals low FODMAP?

Are you tired of searching for safe recipes but not being able to find what you’re after?

It’s great having a collection of low FODMAP recipes available. That way you don’t have to think when it’s time to cook your meal.

But what happens when you want to cook a specific meal based on one of your favourite recipes?

Or if you can’t find a low FODMAP version of the recipe that you’re hunting for?

Introducing... The Low FODMAP Meal Builder

My clients kept asking me what they could eat on a low FODMAP diet. But while they wanted some basic recipes to help them get started, what they really wanted was to learn how to change their foods and their cooking process so that they could make the meals that they preferred to eat... just in a low FODMAP way.

But I can’t get into the kitchen with everyone and personally teach them how to adapt their meals.  So I created this instructional ebook that teaches you how to adapt your meals to make them low FODMAP. That way you can cook the meals that you love, while keeping your tummy happy.

For successful low FODMAP cooking, you need to do the following…

First, you need to get everything in place and understand how to swap ingredients, while still adding lots of flavour to your meals.

Next, you need to know how to adapt common recipes and meal ideas that you're likely to eat during the day, including your snacks.

Lastly, you need to find ways to make the low FODMAP diet fit into your lifestyle so that it’s easier to follow and doesn’t suck all the joy out of life.

After all, the low FODMAP diet is all about getting your IBS under control so that you can live a less irritable life. And no one wants to follow a highly restricted diet if it means losing all enjoyment of food.

Here's what you'll find in The Low FODMAP Meal Builder

Section 1: Getting your low FODMAP kitchen ready

  • Key low FODMAP swaps
  • Essential kitchen tools
  • Tips for adjusting your favourite recipes
  • Tips for cooking for food restrictions
  • Tips for adding flavour to your meals


Section 2: The Low FODMAP Meal Builders

  • Breakfasts to start your day well
  • Eggs (for breakfast or whenever)
  • Lunches (or light meals)
  • Dinners (or main meals)
  • Healthy snacks to keep hunger at bay


Section 3: Making the low FODMAP diet fit into your lifestyle

  • Tips for making your meals easier
  • Tips for making meals less restricted
  • Tips for making your meals healthier
  • Tips for staying within your budget

Soon you’ll be making low FODMAP meals that are exactly the way that you like to eat.

And you'll keep your tummy happy while your taste buds smile.

The Low FODMAP Meal Builder



This book is for you if:

You’re already following a low FODMAP diet to help your Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

You’re reasonably confident in the kitchen but need some extra help knowing what to change in your recipes to make them low FODMAP.

You want to cook the sorts of meals that you’re used to eating, but in a way that won’t upset your tummy.

What this ebook really gives you:


Instructions on how to adapt your meals to make them low FODMAP, including the key substitutions that you need to know.


Links to loads of low FODMAP recipes and examples to help you understand how to put the low FODMAP swaps into action.


Expert guidance from a qualified and practising nutrition professional who also has IBS and personally uses a low FODMAP diet.

The Low FODMAP Meal Builder




Is this a low FODMAP recipe book?

No. This ebook is an instructional book that teaches you how to convert your favourite recipes. There are a few basic recipes within the meal builders, but they’re more like a set of guidelines on how to build that type of meal and the types of ingredients that would be good to use.

Will this ebook give me everything that I need to know to follow a low FODMAP diet?

No. This ebook is designed to give you tons of ideas on converting regular meals into low FODMAP options. If you need instruction on starting a low FODMAP diet, you should have a look at our services for helping people to complete a low FODMAP diet.

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