It’s been a long day. You’re tired and can’t be bothered cooking. But everyone’s hungry and if you don’t feed the family soon, it’s going to be bedlam. You could order some takeout, maybe Thai or Indian, but while that would satisfy the family, it would be a nightmare for your sensitive gut. And you have to be functioning tomorrow so that simply isn’t an option. You’re going to have to cook.

You start rummaging around the kitchen grabbing ingredients and utensils, muttering about how things were so much easier when you could grab a bottle of sauce from the cupboard and make a tasty dinner with almost no effort. Just brown off some meat, throw in some veggies, add the simmer sauce and presto. If only that was still possible.

Well guess what?

The kitchen fairy has been listening and has found you a solution…

SOME Foods – Making low FODMAP dinners easier (and tastier) for you | A Less Irritable Life


Who are SOME Foods and what can they do for you?

SOME Foods are an award-winning South Australian food producer, run by Martine and Ronnie Banks, that makes low FODMAP products designed to make life easier for people who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). They produce a range of simmer sauces that are perfect for those days when you want an easy meal that’s full of flavour that the whole family will love, and that won’t trigger your IBS.

The simmer sauces have all been certified by the Monash University Low FODMAP Certification Program, so you can be confident they’re low FODMAP. Also, since the certification program only approves foods that meet strict criteria for fat, saturated fat, sugar, sodium and fibre, you know that you’re consuming a high quality and nutritious product.

SOME Foods Low FODMAP Cooking Sauces


The range of simmer sauces includes Thai, Indian and Italian flavours, so there’s plenty of options to keep the family happy:

  • Capsicum, Olive & Chilli Sauce – a full flavoured herbaceous sauce with chunks of capsicum, olive and a touch of heat.
  • Classic Tomato Sauce – a simple, flavoursome sauce with sweet and sour notes enhanced with fresh herbs.
  • Southern Indian Madras – a fiery tomato-based curry with chunks of chilli and whole spices.
  • Northern Indian Butter Chicken – a warm and rich fusion of tomato, butter and ginger, blended with fragrant spices.
  • Thai Massaman Curry – a warm curry with nutty, sweet tones and aromatic spices.
  • Thai Green Curry – a mild and creamy curry, with kaffir lime leaves, lime juice, ginger, galangal and lemongrass.

And just like any other simmer sauce, they’re super easy to use. Each bottle has instructions on the side and suggestions about how to turn the sauce into an easy meal.


SOME Foods understands what it’s like to suffer from IBS

Just like you, Martine and Ronnie understand the challenges of low FODMAP cooking. That’s because Ronnie has IBS. Before Ronnie started following a low FODMAP diet, he could end up bedridden for days at a time after eating the wrong foods, not only suffering through the process, but affecting his ability to work and enjoy life. Then after a bunch of tests, Ronnie was put on the low FODMAP diet and he hasn’t looked back.

Martine and Ronnie Banks - SOME Foods

Martine and Ronnie Banks with Milou.


Luckily, Ronnie loved experimenting in the kitchen and could whip up a meal from scratch, readily changing recipes to suit his new dietary needs. But one day Martine and Ronnie got talking about how convenient it would be if they could occasionally use pre-prepared foods, especially for those days when they couldn’t be bothered with all the fuss.

That’s what inspired the creation of SOME Foods.

They got started on creating the range of simmer sauces, using family and friends as guinea pigs to see if their low FODMAP versions passed the taste test. It was important to Martine and Ronnie that the sauces were full of flavour but still had the homeliness of a home-cooked meal, as well as being low FODMAP of course. Because who wants to give up on good food just because you suffer from IBS? Not them, and not me.


And they really do know their stuff!

Several weeks back I had the pleasure of meeting Martine at a product tasting held at Ritchies SUPA IGA in Roweville and she was lovely. When I got there, the first thing I did (after briefly introducing myself of course) was sample the wares. Since I’ve been missing Thai food, the Thai Green Curry instantly grabbed my attention. Martine had cooked it up with chicken and it was delicious, fragrant and had a fresh zing to it. Definitely something I’d happily eat again. But I did also take home a bottle of Thai Massaman Curry since that’s what I would normally order from a restaurant.

SOME Foods and A Less Irritable Life

When I met Martine and got to taste the delicious SOME Foods simmer sauces.


In between the tastings that Martine was dishing out to other visitors, we had a long chat about IBS, FODMAPs and cooking. We talked about the challenges that people face, the products that people want to see, and also the challenges producers have in making these products ready for you to take them home.

I’m sure you’ve noticed times when you’ve made a delicious meal that was perfect when you sat down to eat it, but when you grabbed some leftovers the next day, the sauce had separated. Often you can just mix the sauce back together and it’s all good, but until you do, it doesn’t look very pretty. This is a challenge that SOME Foods had to overcome with their Thai sauces that contain coconut cream… stabilising the sauces without adding high FODMAP ingredients so they look (and taste) good. But the gums they’ve added are low FODMAP so the final product remains safe for you. Their other four sauces don’t require this type of stabilisation.

And if you had any doubt about how good their sauces are, last year at the South Australian Food Industry Awards, SOME Foods received the New Product Award for introducing the Northern Indian Butter Chicken cooking sauce into their range.


What else do SOME Foods produce?

SOME Foods also have a range of spice fusions that will help you to expand your food choices even further with a different range of cultural flavours. While these blends haven’t officially been certified as low FODMAP, they are all free from onion and garlic and should be low FODMAP based on current information in the Monash University Low FODMAP Diet app.

SOME Foods Spice Fusions | A Less Irritable Life


Here are the choices:

  • Chilli Espresso Beef Rub – a warm and welcoming blend that contains coffee and chilli, which is a perfect partner for beef.
  • Chimichurri – a herb and chilli blend based on the Argentinian original, which will spice up any dish.
  • Chipotle – the perfect way to add deep smokiness and subtle heat to your meal, reminiscent of food that’s been cooked over an open fire.
  • Hawaji – an all-purpose seasoning that adds warming Middle Eastern flavours to your cooking.
  • Shichimi Togarashi – a Japanese “seven spice” that can be sprinkled over virtually anything instead of salt… fish, rice, veggies and even popcorn.


Where can you buy SOME Foods products?

Firstly, you can buy all of the SOME Foods products from their online store. They deliver to all Australian addresses. So if you can’t find a stockist near you, you can still buy them.

The SOME Foods Cooking Sauces are also sold by retailers in Queensland, South Australia and Victoria, include certain IGAs and health food stores. Click here to see if there’s a store near you.


What about the cost?

Firstly, SOME Foods is a boutique range of gourmet foods, which immediately makes them pricier than the average bottled sauce you’ll find in the supermarket. But the price is comparable to other gourmet options found in provedores or health food shops. The same goes for the spice fusions.

But here’s where you need to weigh up the cost of convenience and the reassurance that you’re eating a product that’s low FODMAP and won’t irritate your IBS. Personally I wouldn’t use these sauces on a daily basis – it simply wouldn’t fit into my budget. But to replace a take-out meal, with the added security of knowing what’s in it, I think it’s well worth it to keep a few bottles in the pantry for those days when cooking feels too hard. This is something I’ve spoken about before as a strategy for making the low FODMAP diet easier – always keeping a few safe and quick options on hand. Believe me, your tummy and body will thank you the next morning when you can get on with your day without pain or being chained to a bathroom.


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