A Less Irritable Life was created to help you live a less irritable, despite your IBS

It doesn’t matter whether…

you’re newly diagnosed with IBS or have had it for years,
you’re one of the wonderfully patient souls who cares for and supports someone with IBS, or
you’re a professional or business owner who also helps people with IBS,

… you’ll find expert advice, combined with a personal understanding, of how to tackle IBS in a holistic way. With a healthy dose of inspiration, information and encouragement, you’ll soon be on the way to living a happy life despite your IBS.

There’s informative articles on IBS and FODMAPs, practical tips to make your life easier, and personal stories to inspire you through the hard times. Plus low FODMAP recipes that will keep your tummy happy while making your taste buds smile.

I know what it’s like to have IBS

Hi. I’m Glenda Bishop and I know what it’s like to have IBS – I’ve had it for 25 years. The pain and embarrassment, the daily struggles, the lack of understanding, the efforts to get it under control.

For years, I struggled against my IBS. At times, it was so bad I could barely move from the couch. But now I have my IBS under control so that it rarely gives my problems.

I don’t want to see anyone struggle the way I did, especially now that there are solutions that can help you to manage your IBS. As a Registered Nutritionist, neuroscientist, wellness coach and educator, I have the tools to help you find your own personalised solution for getting your IBS under control. read more….

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My promise to you…

I will only ever provide information about IBS that’s evidence-based and supported by current research.

I will always use the latest guidelines for a low FODMAP diet when creating and publishing my recipes.

I will always treat people who have IBS with compassion and empathy – believe me, I know how much this can help.

I will only promote products that I have first tested and am convinced can genuinely help people who have IBS.

What I ask from you in return…

That you’re respectful in how you treat other people who have IBS and never diminish what they personally experience, even if it’s different to what you personally experience.

That you make an effort to talk about IBS so that other people who have IBS don’t feel alone.

That you share my articles and recipes with other people who have IBS so they can benefit from them too.

That you let me know what else I can do to help you – email me at hello@alessirritablelife.com with any suggestions that you have.

“Glenda provides really practical advice on how to approach not just the low FODMAP diet, but how to live best with your digestive issues. This makes A Less Irritable Life not just a recipe or low FODMAP diet resource, but a “go to” place for your overall wellbeing. From stress management tips to the importance exercise and other helpful techniques to manage and survive situations where you have little or no control – this site is an all rounder.

I think that when people are giving advice on the low FODMAP diet and IBS, it always comes best from a place where it’s personal… you live it, you breath it. So I like that A Less Irritable Life is from Glenda’s own point of view, as well as from her professional standpoint, with her education and training.”


When people understand that Glenda has not only been there, but she has a way to help because she has so much practical knowledge as well, and she’s done so much research… it’s just comfortable. People can relate to Glenda and feel comfortable with her.

Glenda has a very broad and in-depth knowledge of IBS and the low FODMAP diet because she has researched, studied and got qualifications in these topics. And she has it personally and has gone through what people with IBS go through – probably even more because she’s been going through it for longer – so she can understand and empathise. She’s the perfect person that can help and direct others that are suffering from IBS and on the low FODMAP diet.”


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