Christmas is a wonderfully special time of year because you get to catch up with family and friends. Where you’ll reminisce on the year that’s gone, enjoy (a little too much) delicious food, and take a break from work, school and the other pressures of life.


But having Irritable Bowel Syndrome can make Christmas a little challenging

First there’s the food restrictions, especially if you’re following a low FODMAP diet, have other food intolerances, or both. Next there’s the potential gut irritants that could make your IBS touchy – alcohol and rich fatty foods in particular. Lastly there’s the stress, another potential IBS trigger.

But you can make your Christmas less irritable and decrease the chance your IBS will be triggered. You can also navigate a Christmas dinner, ensuring that it will meet your needs, while coming out of Christmas day without feeling like your belly is going to explode.


To help you out, I’ve put together 22 tips that will help you to have a pain-free Christmas, despite your IBS

But don’t worry… these aren’t airy-fairy tips. They’re practical, achievable, and genuinely designed to take into account the most common triggers for IBS.

You’ll learn:

  • The main things that you’ll need to watch out for during the holidays
  • Actionable strategies that you can use to prevent a symptom flare up
  • And simple tactics to help you side-step situations that make you uncomfortable

Plus, you’ll find links to IBS-friendly recipes that will make your day more enjoyable.


Because you deserve to enjoy the holidays as much as everyone else



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