My mission is to help people with IBS to live a less irritable life

I do this by directly helping people who have IBS, by training nutrition professionals so that they can help people with IBS in their own practice, and by supporting brands and companies who make products to help people who have IBS. So whichever category you fit into, there’s a way that you can work with me.

Choose the option that suits you best


Hi, I’m Glenda Bishop. I’m a Registered Nutritionist, neuroscientist, wellness coach and educator. I’ve also had IBS for 25 years and counting, so I understand the day-to-day challenges that IBS creates and have extensive experience in managing food intolerances and following the low FODMAP diet. But with IBS, a more holistic approach is required… exercise, stress management, mental shifts and other lifestyle adjustments are needed too, which is where my additional expertise comes into play. It’s this all-inclusive approach that allows me to provide my clients with a personalised solution that lets them live a happy life with IBS. read more....


“I feel really at ease with Glenda because she has the knowledge to know why things were happening and what was causing it. I don’t think you can do the low FODMAP diet successfully by yourself. It’s very important to work with a qualified nutritionist who understands it. And working with Glenda has been the key for my getting better.

I didn’t get better overnight, but slowly everything started to settle and each step has made me feel that much better. It’s been really encouraging and enlightening because I didn’t realise I suffered so much until it was gone. Working with Glenda is one of the best choices I’ve ever made. It’s been so helpful and so life changing for me.”


“I was disappointed that we didn’t cover FODMAPs at university. IBS is extremely common and I think a lot of people will want to experiment with the eating style – a lot of people are going to decide to go low FODMAP without understanding why they would want to do it, so from a CPD point of view I believe a thorough knowledge of FODMAPs is really important. And it’s too big a topic to try to wade through the Monash University stuff by yourself. Just understanding bits and pieces of it would give you an incomplete knowledge and it could be quite dangerous.

Doing Glenda’s course has made me able to consult with people that have to follow a low FODMAP eating style and I now feel comfortable working with these clients. Glenda’s got a very, very thorough knowledge of the low FODMAP diet and I think it’s because she follows the diet herself and knows the potential triggers. I think learning from someone who’s actually living it is excellent.”


“I’ve appreciated working with Glenda – she is very thorough and detail oriented and presented both herself and our company professionally both in social media and on her website. Glenda was very open and honest in her communication, which gave me confidence that her review of our products was done from an honest place and not just from a nice marketing place. I value Glenda’s ability to remain neutral while working for different companies in the same niche.

I had confidence in Glenda’s ability to market our products appropriately and professionally and I knew that Glenda wouldn’t misrepresent our brand, even though the campaign was done her way, in her own style and with her own words. Having somebody present our brand in a different way means that we can reach a wider target audience than if we’d just been communicating it ourselves because everyone responds to different things. We were very impressed.”


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